Mission Statement: To explore, communicate, and provide for the needs, problems, issues, and activities affecting Waterloo's youth.

Empowering the Next Generation


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Requirements must be complete by April 1st:

  • Current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders (9th graders going into 10th grade year in 2022-2023) 

  • Resident of Waterloo or attending a high school in Waterloo

  • Two letters of recommendation (details below)

  • Complete online application

Please contact respective advisor below with any questions or assistance. Home-school or private school attendees who live in Waterloo may contact Ms. Carol Luce (contact below). Speak to your respective advisor if you are unable to complete the online application.

Two letters of recommendation must be submitted to respective school advisor no later than April 1st. One letter of recommendation from a staff member from your school and a second one from a Waterloo community citizen not related to you; this could include employer, coach, volunteer organization, church, club advisor, etc. Letters of recommendations can be delivered by the applicant, emailed, scanned or mailed to the respective high school with, "ATTENTION TO: advisors name." 


According to the latest U.S. Census estimates nearly 74 million Americans are under the age of 18 making up nearly 25% of the population. However, because of their lack of political agency too often the voices of our nation's young people are ignored. At a time when our national, state, and local leaders are discussing, arguing, and seeking solutions for long term problems facing our nation it is imperative that we ensure that those with the brightest futures have a seat at the table. 

The Waterloo Youth City Council represents that opportunity. Pulling members from all four of the high schools in Waterloo the Youth City Council empowers young people to think critically, debate civilly, and forge consensus on the most critical issues facing our city. Following in the footsteps of other successful youth city council programs the Waterloo Youth City Council seeks to harness the passion and idealism of our youth today in order to create a better future for tomorrow. 



Waterloo, IA, USA


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